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We are a family owned and run business down here in the iconic Huon Valley of Southern Tasmania - specialising in earth moving servcies such as site preparation, driveways, drainage, excavation and much more.

We minimise impact on the environment by carefully working with it while still achieving great results.

We have all the machinery needed to achieve great results - no matter how steep your driveway or how uneven your site.

You'll also be delighted to hear that we supply quarry products in all shapes and sizes thanks to our own quarry.

Whether it's a driveway, drain, or even a horserink (see past jobs section) - we have you covered!

We can:

  • • Clear, level or create your building site.
  • • Create driveways - especially steep ones!
  • • Design and create necessary drainage.
  • • Dig trenches and foundation holes.

...and much more!

Have a look around!

We have a wide range of advanced machinery that helps us to complete every job exactly the way you like it.

See our favourites below.

The vibrating roller allows this machine to roll steep terrains with exceptional control. It is great for steep gravel driveways and roads.

This is a very versatile digging maching due to its interchangable bucket system. It's a great machine for digging dams, drainage, levelling or creating sites and filling holes.

We have a variety of trucks available to transport materials. This means we can relocate excess Earth from a site or transport needed materials to a site.

We have a truck float for hire to help you move machinery from one site to another.

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The Task

To create an arena for the Huon Valley Hoofbeats Horseclub.

Equipment Used

5.5T Backhoe Excavator, Bobcat with Numerous Attachments Including a Vibrating Roller, Laser Level, Truck Float


Quarry Products, Site Levelling, Drainage, Repeated Compacting

This site was created entirely with our own quarry products.

A perfectly flat racing ground for the Huon Hoofbeats, created entirely with our own quarry products.

Please feel free to contact us using the details below for some expert advice from a local and a free no obligation quote with no hidden extras!

Phone: 0488 503 280

Email: thomasneilo3@gmail.com

We are here!

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